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Vasuki Kaal Sarp Dosh

Vasuki kaal sarp dosh effects, benefits and lal kitab remedies

Vasuki kaal sarp dosh comes under one type of kaal sarp dosh. It is created in one individual horoscope and Rahu is present in the 3rd house and Ketu is present in the 9th position. And all the other planets that are enriched by rahu and ketu in vasuki kaal sarp dosh. Then the kaal sarp dosh is called as ahirbandhu kal sarp dosh famously.

वासुकि काल सर्प दोष के उपाय और फायदे के बारे में हिंदी में पढ़े। यहाँ क्लिक करे।

What is vasuki kaal sarp yog?

The inappropriate effect that comes under vasuki kalsarp yog that can make the net is to go through different types of challenges for acquiring the appreciation and status they want in their life. The vasuki kaal sarp dosh effects favourable influence of this particular those that may bestow you with having good communication skills and that will bring the good fortune in life. Vasuki kalsarp yog is present in the shape in which Rahu and Ketu have not properly balanced and it leads to trouble in life.

And the rest planets that fall in between the third to the ninth house are on the left-hand side of the axis of planets rahu and ketu. Though how long does vasuki kaal sarp yog last kalsarp yog that is believed for having negative connotations to still, it is not all bad for the native the under the yoga. To find the vasuki kaal sarp dosh nivaran upay you can find it in the internet easily.

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Vasuki kaal sarp dosh positive effects

Rahu in the third house is generally considered a good one for a horoscope. And the third house is considered the house of siblings, travel and communication. It stands for the decision-making capability of a person. Both ketu and the 9th house represent spirituality as lal kitab remedies vasuki kaal sarp yog. Having a good placement of rahu and ketu in this yoga for individuals. There are many positive effect of vasuki kalsarp yog. 

Good decision making capability of individual as vasuki kaal sarp yog benefits. 

  • Getting a lot of benefits of travelling.
  • Having good communication skills of the person.
  • Promote spiritual beliefs and spiritual life in vasuki kaal sarp dosh effects.
  • It will help to increase the level of native spirituality. 
  • Having higher success and getting benefits from overseas travel. 
  • Expensive religious rituals and traditional vibes.

Problems caused by vasuki kaal sarp dosh

The following is the problem that a person can face in his life due to vasuki Kalsarp:

  • Starting a dispute with siblings.
  • Increase in the number of enemies without any reason.
  • Old and deep friends will leave you.
  • Dispute and no support from the expected colleagues.
  • Early leaving home than expected for career vasuki kaal sarp yog benefits in hindi.
  • Obstacles or hurdles that you can face in higher education
  • Struggle to get deserve status in society
  • Struggle to stand on your own feet for the individual
  • Relatives and friends will disrespect you vasuki kaal sarp dosh and marriage
  • Lack of peace in a home environment
  • Low power of patience
  • Occurrence of good results that will reduce and decrease the number

Vasuki kaal sarp dosh effects on marriage

Vasuki kaal sarp dosh that will eliminate the love from your life. It will cause a delay in marriage or create a lot of problems in married life. It will create misunderstanding between the partners and brings doubts or arguments that will lead to separation lal kitab remedies vasuki kaal sarp yog. Thus, it will include having problems in the physical relationship and issues that the children are facing. People sometimes think that it is a bad combination or planet in their birth chart for vasuki kaal sarp yog remedies. There are some vasuki kaal sarp dosh nivaran mantra then the person will feel that he is solving the problems easily. 

There is nothing about the vasuki yoga in the ancient astrological texts though. This yog is none other than the creation of modern astrologers. The passage of time found some planetary alignment that affects life either adversely or favourably in vasuki kaal sarp yog remedies. It can be considered as depending on the other positions of the planet. The answer for which kaal sarp dosh is most dangerous is vasuki kaal sarp yog. Finding the vasuki kaal sarp dosh in hindi is quite easy in the world. It is easy to use the vasuki kaal sarp dosh upay and have a safe life though. To complete all the issues, the vasuki kaal sarp dosh effects are really helpful for it. 

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How long does vasuki kaal sarp yog last

Vasuki kalsarp yoga can lead to a lot of problems in life. The individual may engage in illegal activities or professions that will lead to how long does vasuki kaal sarp yog last have difficulties in society and he will be considered a bad person in society. The native vasuki kaal sarp dosh and marriage may choose to the life of crimes and he may start performing the crimes as well. The native will not have a success rate in his profession and get caught by police, several times and have to face its consequences.

This is all because of kaal sarp yog hits in his life though. In an extreme case of this type, the native has to suffer a prison sentence for more than 5 years, then the person will have to understand that these are the bad activities he is performing. People can solve with vasuki kaal sarp dosh and marriage and then they can easily marry their partner. The Vasuki kalsarp yog will stay for 15 years in individual horoscopes and doing its nivaran will help to eliminate it quickly.

Lal kitab remedies and upay of vasuki kaal sarp yog

According to all of the Kitab remedies, having Vasuki Kaal sarp you would be of assistance in resolving the problems. They would have been better off using the urine of cows to clean their teeth. Take note of the sixteen shraddhas who have pledged their allegiance in Bhadrapada.

Take a coconut out for a spin on the water. Therefore, the individual might make preparations for a Kaal Sarpa dosha Yogya in order to become closer to the deity. People are able to find solutions to all of their problems by using the Vasuki Kaal sarp yoga treatments.

On Sunday, the individual need to offer devotion to the banyan tree, and thereafter they should water it. Recite the Hanuman Chalisa first thing in the morning, every day. On the day of Naagpanchami, you should worship a silver cobra idol that you have taken with you. The locals need to first feed the animals and subsequently the birds to the greatest extent possible. Then you should offer the individual in need something that is red in color. Discover all the most effective treatments at all the Kitab remedies that Kaal Sarp may provide you.

According to Hindu astrology, the following are the upays for the Vasuki kaal sarp dosh that have been found to be effective:

  • For a period of forty days, one may recite the Hanuman Chalisa or the Bajrang Baan.
  • Carry silver rahu yantra on Saturday for vasuki kaalsarp dosh.
  • A handful of kidney beans should be wrapped in a dark fabric, the Rahu Mantra should be said, and then the object should be poured into a body of water. This should be done for a total of 41 Wednesdays.
  • Chant mantras while holding the nagraj ring on Tuesday mornings every week.
Those who are afflicted with Vasuki Kaal Sarp yoga are advised to take the following preventative measures:
  • Do not consume any intoxicants, including alcoholic beverages or cigarettes.
  • Do not purchase second hand products or wear items that have been worn by other people.
  • If you cannot be certain of the advice being given, do not base financial decisions on it.
  • Avoid doing business with any of the government agencies.

Vasuki kaal sarp dosh benefits

Vasuki kalsarp dosh is disgraceful for affecting one’s marriage and then putting it in danger as well. After then the yog nivaran puja is having consequences as well. Vasuki Kaal sarp yog will help you to have a good fortune time in life. After its vasuki kaal sarp yog benefits positive effect will start in your life then the person can have a good decision making power. Getting a lot of benefits by travelling alone or in a group. The person will earn an amount or get remuneration by travelling for his own work or office work. The person will have good communication skills and can easily make other people understand what you want to say to them. It will help to increase the spirituality in the individual life. 

Talking about the Effects

In vasuki kaal sarp dosh ke prabhav will lead to having issues in life. The individual will go to the temple regularly and leave the non-veg foods. It will help to have higher success and get benefit from the overseas travels and late to have a good life. The expensive religious rituals and traditions enter into the brain of that person and start chatting with god. The issues that the person will face can lead to having unknowing issues in life.

For solving the problems then contact pandit ji and he will help to complete the puja viddhi for the vasuki kaal sarp dosh then you can have a safe life though. After the problems will be over then you can find that it is actually much easy to complete all the puja and then live a great life though. Many people come from far countries for completing the puja and eliminate all the issues easily. After the completion then you can see its magic in life. It will take some time to completion of the puja and then all the issues will eliminate easily.

Vasuki Kaal Sarp Dosh Calculator

It is believed that this yoga is formed as a birth chart due to bad activities an individual has done in the previous birth. The person will get mental instability throughout life if this yoga is present in his kundli and have to suffer from it. It is necessary to check the degrees of the planet by analysing the chart for Vasuki Kalsarp yog.

For example, if Mars and rahu are having the same sign and Mars is 10 degrees while rahu is 10.5 degrees. It will be considering as kaal sarp dosh. If Mars that is having 10.5 degrees and Rahu is having 10 degrees, it will not be considered as kal sarp yog that is married not lying within the rahu and ketu axis. The degrees of rahu and ketu must be for more than the other seven planets in the same sign for the formation as well. This yog is form due to the planets rahu and ketu.

The yog considerations

It is considerable that the yog that creates misfortune in every aspect of life. It is not always that is true. Thus, it is considered that the person will have to face different hurdles in the matters of life like health, wealth, career, profession, love, marriage and many more events that are related to the individual life. The exact positioning for the shadows planets rahu and ketu is observed in any horoscope. If the same alignment falls in the second house and eighth house that eighth house. Then the natives suffer from family relations, wealth and other things relating to the house.

The issues that a person will face in his life are that misfortune will begin. Although it will create hurdles in all matters like health, wealth, career professional, children and many more issues related to you. But ultimately it will help to rise through advertising in your life though. To search for vasuki kaal sarp dosh ke lakshan then google it you will find the answers easily. It is important to know the exact effect of Vasuki kalsarp yog on the individual. It will lead to a lot of difficulties differently. And the person will face a lot of failure in his life.

Vasuki Kaal Sarp Dosh Chart or Kundali

Vasuki Kaal Sarp Dosh Chart or Kundali

Vasuki kal sarp dosh is considered the most intense and concerning dosh present in someone’s horoscope. As per different astrologers, it is considering that this is the result of the past birth bad Karma. The presence of this dosa in your birth chart is not at all good for you. It will lead to a lot of issues, obstacles and delay in different works. The Vasuki kalsarp yog is termed as a bad symbol in your life for some years. And until it goes away you will face the issue. There are different other types of issues present in Vasuki kaal sarp yog. And it leads to a big difficulty in life.

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Vasuki Kaal Sarp Dosh

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